Sara Alhinho Quartet   


Singer, guitarist and composer Sara Alhinho belongs to the undisputed greats of Cape Verdean music.

Since childhood, she has musically absorbed  the cultural essence of the islands off the west coast of Africa, playing by ear and learning from the best.

Sara Alhinho was born in Portugal, and grew up in Cape Verde and Mexico (the homelands of her mother and father, respectively).

With her passionate singing, Portuguese and Spanish, she represents her multicultural identy.

Her current project now combines this Cape Verdean richness of rhythms and moods with Brazilian Latin versions, and virtuoso jazz.

In Christoph Aupperle (vibraphone), Dalma Lima (percussion) and Julian Keßler (guitar), Sara Alhinho has found co-creative musicians, who through the sound spectrum of their instruments, as well as their styles, in an equally individual and soulful way.

Thus, the music of Sara Alhinho Quartet is dynamic, delicate, melancholic and stirring – the energy of the band takes you on a wonderful musical journey!



Sara Alhinho is an artist who has intercontinental references. There have been many wanderings around the world so far: besides living in Cape Verde, Mexico Lisbon and Spain, she has traveled extensively in Europe on tours. In her songs, we can see the richness of the various genres that make up the little-known musical universe of Cape Verde.

Sara Alhinho

The vibraphonist, pianist and mastermind for extraordinary arrangements is also a well-traveled musician. Raised in Swabia, he studied jazz in Paris. As a musician and arranger, he matured during his stations in Brazil and New York. His arrangements and playing combine technical brilliance and creative musical expression.

Christoph Aupperle

The guitar and bass player studied jazz guitar at the Hochschule für Tanz und Musik in Cologne and in San Francisco, and specialized early on in popular Brazilian music. In his concert activities, he shines in various settings ranging from solo performances to ten-piece ensembles.

Julian Keßler

Dalma Lima, from Bahia de Salvador (Brazil), has lived in Germany since 1988, and has performed on stage with national and international artists such as Joy Denalane, Marla Glen, Eros Ramazotti and Gilberto Gil. As a percussionist, he faithfully does justice not only to virtuosic Brazilian rhythms, but also African, Indian or Arabic styles.

Dalma Lima


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